Hot Day Food

I volunteer at Appel Farm every summer for their music and art fest. Perhaps this year it wasn’t the smartest, considering the freak heatwave. I was outside all day. It sucked. In some of the saddest news, once my shift ended, there wasn’t any food left for us volunteers. They usually have these amazing pulled pork sandwiches. In fact, I’d been thinking of them for an entire year… only to be denied while completely starving. It was completely sad.
I got over it by stopping for a bahn mi on my way home. Ah, the beauty that is a vietnamese hoagie. I got it at Ba Le on 6th and Washington. I like mine with grilled pork. What else is on this? Pickled daikon and carrot, cilantro, and sliced jalapenos. All on a lovely crusty baguette. Seriously people, there’s nothing like a bahn mi when it’s 654784 degrees outside. Gawd, it’s even more beautiful in a close-up. This is what macro function is made for.

I also couldn’t go to Ba Le and not get the grilled pork goi cuon. Even though I have no idea how long these were sitting around, they were still good. Man, they’re beautiful, even in pictures.

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