JB’s Raw Bar

You know I love me some Johnny Brenda’s. It’s seriously my favorite place in all of Philadelphia. I was there the other night to catch a sold-out show, and when my cohorts found out that they had a raw bar, somehow, oysters miraculously appeared. Were these the freshest oysters I’d ever had? Gawd no, not even close. But for a bar in Fishtown, they were just fine. Not exactly ‘just freshly picked from the bay’, but not really all that bad either. Squeeze a little lemon, plop on some cocktail sauce and/or hot sauce, and slurp em down. They go down pretty darn easy. I love me some raw bivalves!

Oh, and shots kept appearing too. It was the strangest thing ever… They have three bars at JB’s, one on each floor. It’s a bit of a crapshoot as to how the bartenders are, but try the ones upstairs for better service. I’ve always found them to be nicer.

PS – For a bar/music venue, the bathrooms at JB’s are amazing. Seriously. The Khyber bathroom is scary. The North Star’s isn’t too much better. But JB’s? These bathrooms are leaps and bounds above the norm. Big, clean, plenty of stalls, and even attractively decorated. Yet another reason I love Johnny Brenda’s so.

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