PF Chang’s Lunch

Sorry folks, another chain restaurant. So a new PF Chang’s pened up in Plymouth Meeting. I think I’ve been to one of these maybe twice before. This is probably spanning the last 5 years or so. I have nothing against it, it’s just not my thing. It is, however, my mom’s most favorite place in the world. No joke. She talks about it all the time. ALL the time. Oye! With lunch options being somewhat limited in the Conshy area, I said why not.

They’re totally revamping the Plymouth Meeting Mall, something fierce. The PF Chang’s is on the newfangled side, along with the new California Pizza Kitchen (I’ve never been to one of these), and a soon-to-be-open Redstone American Grill (whatever that is). This PF Chang’s has outdoor seating! That surely is a plus.

Their menu has a decent selection of dishes, and there really isn’t a separate lunch menu. They do have a few of these lunch bowl things, which are quite normal sized. It also comes with a bowl of soup. Egg drop and hot and sour are the only choices. Sorry people, no wonton. R picked egg drop. Egg drop is too bland of a soup for me.

I went with hot and sour, which is actually a soup I eat all the time. This was a bit too salty for me. And the soup wasn’t hot, spice wise or temperature wise. I get much better hot and sour at my neighborhood joint.

We both ended up getting the shrimp with lobster sauce bowl. I picked brown rice because they have the best brown rice I have ever tasted. Seriously, I’m going to email their corporate office and find out what brown rice they use. I want to find this brown rice and eat it forever. So this dish was good. It’s a pretty safe dish, nothing special about it, but quite palatable. It had a bit too many green onions and other crunchy stuff in it for me, but I dealt with it. The shrimp themselves were pretty good and well cooked. I’m not sure why there were black beans in it. They didn’t have much of a flavor. Not sure if I would pick this again, but it was still a fine choice.

Service was fine. Our waitress was nice enough. What was funny is that she told us she’d never heard of PF Chang’s before she started working at this one. Weird. I thought they were pretty much everywhere. Oh, and another good thing. Their food is pretty cheap. I ain’t gonna lie to ya.

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