Post-Fest Beau Monde

I spent Saturday at the Popped! Philadelphia Music Festival. I was just being a music fan, as well as helping out a bit spreading the Yelp love, so I had the privilege of infiltrating the VIP area few times throughout the day. The VIP area was the only place where you could get booze. And since it was free, I couldn’t help but partake. There was also some free finger foods. Good hummus.Afterwards, C suggested that we go to Beau Monde for crepes. Who am I to argue? C got one of the savory crepe specials, achiote pulled pork with other mexican-ish ingredients. Man, this thing was so good. And so expensive. But kind of worth it.

I wanted to go for my regular banana, white chocolate, caramel, vanilla ice cream sweet crepe, but we got there pretty late and they were out of white chocolate as well as chestnut cream. The waitress suggested banana with dulce de leche so I went for it. Ok, so this was good, but way too rich. I could barely eat it because it was so darn sweet. Don’t get me wrong I liked it, but really, I can only take so much sweet. I had to get the ice cream on the side on account of C’s lactose intolerance, and because I can actually be nice, so there you go.

It was a really hot day, but had thankfully cooled off at night, so we got to eat outside. It was lovely and lively. A great way to end a long music-filled day.

PS – There’s only 2 unisex bathrooms at Beau Monde. Again, doesn’t this seem like this isn’t enough? The regular one is kind of on the small side, but the handicapped one is nice and roomy. Go for that one if you can. It’s really cute too, with some kind of fancy faux painting technique on the walls and real flowers, plus big old metal milk jugs as trash cans.

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