Two Kings Dinner

A always gets takeout from Two Kings, a pizza/italian joint in Tamaqua, when she’s up at Lake Hauto. The people who run this place are really nice and genuine italians. I was surprised. Not at the nice part, but at the genuine italian part. They have hilarious medieval decorations all over the dining area. For real, a suit of armor… in a pizza place!J got a meatball parm platter. He’s quite the fan of this. It comes with your choice of pasta, a salad, and garlic knots. It’s a whole lot of food. A got a meatball parm sandwich. She got a small, but it wasn’t that small.
I got the crab ravioli, which was one of the pasta specials that night. It came with a salad and garlic knots. The garlic knots were pretty good, but extremely buttery. But it was good for sopping up the pink sauce of the ravioli. The ravioli were good too, a tiny bit on the salty side, but nothing too extreme. And they give you lots of ravioli, not 5 or 6, like normal places. I have no other Tamaquan restaurant to compare this to, but I’m thinking this is one of the best options there.

Two Kings Pizzeria
272 Claremont Ave
Tamaqua, PA
(570) 668-545

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Two Kings Dinner
  1. Anonymous says:

    I grew up in the coal region, but I live in the midwest now and, I have to tell you, I REALLY miss Two Kings and places like it. If you travel any farther west than State College, PA, you can’t find pizza or hoagies anywhere near as good as Two Kings. I’ve found that eastern PA and NJ are the only places where you can expect to find really excellent Italian food no matter where you go (and Tamaqua’s a good example).

    I’d add that Marco’s Pizza on W. Ridge St. in Lansford is really good as well… definitely worth checking out.

  2. Amy Williams says:


    I can’t get over the fact you did a review of Two Kings! You should have gone to La Dolce Casa (DiMaggio’s if you ask anyone who lives there). Then you would have covered all the eats in Tamaqua. Or the Chili Dog. But it’s a special breed of Tamaquians that eat there!

  3. Lauren says:

    I love this blog! I live in Philly and I love to go out to eat so I’m always interested in your reviews.

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