Chestnut Hill Japanese

Stopped by Osaka in Chestnut Hill for a little lunch the other day. It’s a cute little place on the main drag. There’s the sushi bar in the front, and then multiple floors of dining. We sat at the bar as R had never sat at a sushi bar before. She got some salmon and king crab sashimi, along with some miso soup and some sprite in a fancy glass. She liked this just fine, but it sure wasn’t cheap.
I went with the agedashi tofu bento box. It came with agedashi tofu (duh), some california roll, a couple of dumplings, salad, and rice. Everything was pretty good, but nothing spectacular. My bento box was pretty cheap though, but it also didn’t have any fish in it, which is probably why it was so affordable. But all in all, quite the bargain for my lunch.
Service was fine. It wasn’t busy at all (it was raining something fierce) so it better have been fine! The only thing annoying was that one of the waitresses was gabbing to one of the sushi chefs the whole time we were eating. It’s fine if they want to talk (it’s not like they had anyone to wait on), but I really didn’t need to hear their intimate conversations. They even spoke in korean a bit, and I couldn’t help understanding.
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