Good Dog, Sans Burgers

So we went to the Good Dog the other night and did not get the burgers. How was that? Probably a mistake. I mean the non-burger food was still good, but nowhere in the dreamy category as the burgers. I was slightly bummed that we didn’t get to sit in a booth, as it was early, but not early enough to score one. We got stuck all the way in the front of the place in a table, that doesn’t seem to quite be a table. But what are you gonna do?

After agonizing over deciding between the smoked chicken quesadillas and the duck pot pie, J went nuts and made a last minute switcheroo to the mac and cheese. So this mac and cheese was quite good, but I wholeheartedly agree that there should be an option to get mac and cheese as a side. At Good Dog this is not an option, and it really should be. It’s not a very big portion that you get either, and this is an entree. So Good Dog, I implore you, make this a side dish! It’s a light cheese mixture, topped with corn flakes. The corn flakes are a nice touch. It’s served with a blueberry corn muffin. That was good too, but it also seems a bit random.

While I heart their burgers, I also went crazy and did not get one. I went with the pulled pork sandwich. It was ok, but I felt the pulled pork was too shredded (not really pulled or chopped seeming) and it wasn’t quite wet enough for me. The roll was great though, brioche, toasted, with sesame seeds. The fries were heavenly as usual. It also came with apple slaw, which was tangy and strange. Service was ok, as usual. Nothing great, but nothing bad. But next time, I’ll stick with the burgers.
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