Grillin’ In Roxborough

Before heading down to East Falls Glass for an open house thingy, I got a chance to hang out at M’s house where she grilled up a gourmet storm. I love coming here for dinners, as she’s always whipping up fancy meals with such effortless grace. Makes me sick, but I love it. On this lovely evening she grilled some tilapia, eggplant, and little baby potatoes.

The eggplant was marinated in a little soy, rice vinegar, ginger, sesame oil, and some other stuff. It was grilled to perfection and freakin delicious. I love me some eggplant. The potatoes were perfect too, especially the halves that got all crispy brown. Mmmm…
The fish had a little dry rub on it, and then M prepared some kind of mint based sauce. I told you, fancy. Way fancier than anything I could dream up. And delicious too. She spoils me.

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