I love me some indian food, but I actually haven’t had it regularly in quite a long time. I used to go to Kajuraho near me all the time, until my last horrific customer service nightmare there, and I haven’t been back since. That was years ago. I can definitely hold a grudge when it comes to bad service. I’ve heard nothing but great things about Tiffin, and when B invited me out to go there, we took a spontaneous trip.

Dining is upstairs. Tiffin’s located on a somewhat shady spot on Girard, but once inside, you wouldn’t know you were surrounded by sketch. It’s a pretty cute spot with brick walls and beautiful photographs of india. We went on a sunday night, and it was pretty empty. I didn’t mind that at all. Mango lassi. Yum. The standard trio of little dipping dishes. Top left was something bizarre that I did not care for. Middle right was some kind of extremely sweet fruit chutney, which was pretty good. The bottom thing was fantastic. I can’t tell you what it is, I did not ask either what was in it, but it had a bit of a kick, tasted a bit cilantro-y, and was just overall terrific. B ordered some veggie samosas. These were pretty simple, filled mainly with beans. These were fairly plain, but still good. Dipped into the mystery green sauce, this was a nice little appetizer.
B got the chicken korma, because he has some sense, and I, like a crazy woman, got the lamb vindaloo. Dude, I can do spicy, but I should have been smart and realized that at Tiffin, it was actually going to be pretty damn spicy. Can you see that bowl of fiery red death? Yeah, it was as spicy as it looked. I didn’t last very long, but for what it was worth, it was good. If I wasn’t such a damn wuss, I would have been actually able to enjoy it more. The korma was quite good though, and much easier to eat, as it didn’t burn my insides. The garlic naan wasn’t quite as good as I wanted them to be, mostly because they didn’t show up piping hot. Naan should be fresh from the oven, no?

Service was good and prices were reasonable. We pretty much closed down the place, and we didn’t feel rushed at all. There was barely anyone dining, and they pretty much left us alone to loiter. Next time, I’m not gonna be a jackass and I’ll order something I can tolerate.
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    Never will go back to any other Indian Restaurant Once a fan of Saffron In Bala Cynwyd.

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