White Rice, I’m So Over You

I’ve grown up with white rice my entire life. For probably a good 15 of those years, I probably ate it every day. For the most part, it’s always been short grain white rice. Then I started doing the jasmine rice thing. Next I moved to basmati, but it’s always been white rice. But I fell in love with the brown rice from PF Chang’s / Pei Wei this past year. I even wanted to write to the company and ask them what kind of brown rice they use. I never ended up resorting to that. Instead, I just decided to press my luck and find one that may be a good substitute. Wouldn’t you know it, I got it right on my first try.

I went to H Mart, and I had a different one picked out initially, but then, I somehow ended up going with this organic short grain brown rice, which happened to be korean. It was a total last minute switcheroo. I think I had picked out a japanese one earlier, but I was somehow drawn to this. It was all pure chance. It’s expensive too, argh. But man, it’s totally worth it.
It’s even better than the brown rice at Pei Wei. Really folks, it’s the best rice I’ve ever eaten. I don’t think I can ever eat white rice again. Well, at least not if I have a choice about it. And it doesn’t help that white rice is basically devoid of any nutritional value. As for me, I’m a brown rice girl now. And proud of it. And it helps if you have a kick ass rice cooker like I do. It’s all about zojirushi.

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White Rice, I’m So Over You
  1. Gastronomer says:

    Awesome find. I’ll look for it when I’m in SoCal. I am a brown rice fiend as well.

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