Bowling For Tots

R wanted to do something different Saturday night. She wanted to go bowling! And thus, we ended up at North Bowl. When we first got there, they told us it would be a 90 minute wait for a lane. HA! That was hilarious. But in reality, it ended up being more like 9 minutes. Perhaps North Bowl needs a new clock. The bowling was fun, and mostly due to H/A’s out of this world bowling technique. I can’t even describe it. One has to experience it in person. C wanted tater tots and that’s just what he got. What can I say? They were tater tots. Good tater tots. Crunchy, yet not greasy at all.

There’s a vending machine there, with all kinds of random and kitchy stuff. What kind of stuff? Well let me show you. Gummy steak.
Gummy bacon.

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