Bustin Out The Grill

After snagging some asparagus and corn from Gentile’s, I got off my lazy ass and took out my grill out of hiding. Luckily, it still worked and had some working juice. It’s a crappy ass grill, but it works just fine. I just put a little olive oil, salt, and pepper on these bad boys and grilled em up. They cooked up perfectly. There’s nothing like asparagus with that delicious grilled flavor.
I also grilled up some chicken thighs. My super easy recipe of bottled sweet chili sauce, a dab of sesame oil, and a little salt. It doesn’t get any easier.
As for the corn, I just grilled em with the husks. I removed the silks and kept the husks on and just grilled them until the husks pretty much turned black. I didn’t have to soak them or anything. And they turned out super sweet and great. New Jersey white corn. Go get em while you can!

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Bustin Out The Grill
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