Late Nights At The Franklin Fountain

When you think about dessert options late at night, there really aren’t that many that come to mind. The other night, the only thing that popped into my head was the Franklin Fountain. You know this place, it’s in old city, it’s an old school style ice cream parlor / soda shop. The employees even look old school.
They make their own ice cream and have tons of specialties, which include sundaes, fountain drinks, and even cakes and pies! And you always have the head of old Ben looking down on you. I went simple and got a scoop of peach ice cream in a cone. They had some signs about how the peach ice cream was made with local peaches, so I had to try it out. Man, was it good! So peachy, fresh, and light. Not artificial tasting or looking at all. J, R, and D all got shakes.
Also a variety of specialty sodas. Plus, the place itself is adorable. The two brothers who run the joint painstakingly remodeled the place. Everything about it is cute. And it’s open until midnight on the weekends, and until 11 during the week. Go get you some before it starts getting cold again.

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