Oh Fried Dough!

This past week was the PA Dutch Festival at Reading Terminal Market. They have pony rides, a petting zoo, some weird Amish barn building demonstrations… They also have hot fresh doughnuts. Hand made by Amish folk, yo. I somehow skipped out last year, but I went two years ago. And I’ve been thinking of these doughnuts ever since.
Just simple balls of dough, deep fried by hand, and covered by sugar. So simple and so delicious. So this “Amish” lady below is frying the dough in a fryer powered by electricity. But perhaps it’s only pseudo-Amish. But pseudo-Amish or not, there’s nothing pseudo-delicious about these doughnuts. They’re full on delicious, and full on terrible for you, but I full on don’t care. You know they’re good when the brown bag they’re in becomes translucent…

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