Random Snacking

So this is a terrible picture of a taro root shake I got the other morning from a Vietnamese restaurant on 16th street, whose name I don’t know, nor did I ever know it. I’m not sure how I felt about it. It was too sweet. I was expecting more tarot root. The other week, I had an avocado shake at the same place. And that was strange yet good. It was super thick too, because it had an actual whole avocado in it. It was much like drinking slightly sweet guacamole, sans the tomato or onions or chips. I thoroughly enjoyed it, even though it was very weird. The taro root shake? Eh. I can take it or leave it. It’s too much like a regular milkshake to do it for me.So when I was rambling around South Street last weekend looking for a Philthy tshirt (I found one, thanks), I ran across this new yogurt joint. It’s Philly’s answer to pinkberry. But not exactly. Mind you, I didn’t try it, but it’s not pinkberry. It’s so different.

So they have many many options of yogurt. Pinkberry has plain and green tea. They have this row full of different flavors. It practically looks like urinals of yogurt. But they do have plain tart yogurt, which is good. That’s what I like. Then you apply toppings yourself. And then you pay by the ounce.

I found the whole beauty of pinkberry to be that you only have 2 yogurt flavors, an that you have tons of random toppings, including the freshest of fruit. And it’s priced by the number of toppings. Phileo Yogurt’s self-service topping bar was a little sad and salad bar looking. It didn’t necessarily look all that fresh to me either, and you know, when you let people at things themselves, they mess that shizz up. It’s gonna be hard to keep that stuff clean. Next time, I’ll give it a try and let you know. They don’t have a website yet, which seems dumb.

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Random Snacking
  1. Ready Go says:

    Do you guys have Red Mango there? I prefer it to Pinkberry

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