Sucking Balls Through A Straw

So after I grabbed a few greasy gobs of sugary heaven, I had some time left on the meter and decided to roam around Chinatown in search of a beverage. I ended up at some random drink/dessert spot on 10th (sorry, I totally forget what this place is called). They had teas and smoothies and cakes and such. I had so many choices that I was a bit perplexed. But somehow, I ended up picking a honeydew shake with tapioca pearls. It seemed like they just took some honeydew and stuck it in a blender. It was light and refreshing. And the tapioca balls? Well, you know, they’re flavorless, but chewy, and you suck them up through this giant straw.

So whatever this place was, the girl who helped me essentially did not speak english at all. It was exhausting trying to communicate with her. I don’t know how many times I had to say honeydew shake. Way too many times. It was at least half a dozen. And then eventually, someone else showed up and ended up helping me. Later on, another customer tried to ask her where the trash was. Omigosh, it was exhausting just watching this futile exchange! I realize you work in chinatown, but seriously, it’s chinatown, not china, and you might want to learn a teensy bit of english, or at least the items on the menu.

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