Too Much Food At Banana Leaf

I don’t know why it was so late, but we ended having an extremely late dinner at Banana Leaf on Saturday night. All I know is, I was starving by the time we got there. And even so late, the place was still hopping. You know I love this place. I could eat here every day for a year and not ever eat the same thing, and probably not ever have a bad meal. The menu is extensive and everything I’ve ever had has been good.

R got a thing of wonton soup. She’s a girl with simple soup tastes. Instead of the typical big thick skinned type wontons, these had little shu mei like dumplings. She liked this soup a lot, and it pretty much filled her stomach. Poor planning.

We started off with the chicken satay. This was an appetizer and I was expecting maybe 3 skewers or so, but out came 6. Kind of a lot for an appetizer, no? These are so good. So damn good. It seems like it should just be a meal on its own.
R picked the malaysian style spare ribs. Ok, so these weren’t spare ribs, first of all. They were more like little teeny rib tips. They were coated in some seasoning, so that when you ate them, they left a lot of gunk on your teeth. Not bad at all, but just forces you to floss and brush extremely thoroughly afterwards. These were good, but we barely ate these.

I picked the seafood lo mein. These were supposed to come with a heavily flavored egg sauce, but there was nothing of the kind. It was pretty much your regular lo mein, but with skinnier noodles. Good, but nothing unique.

Service here is always pretty good. It took much longer than normal for our food to come out, but I blame that on the chicken satay, which had to be grilled by the dude in the front, and the spare ribs, which probably required a bit of prep. We ended up leaving so much food, that when the waiter asked if we wanted to take it home, and we said no, he kept questioning us. As if we were crazy. If I had been going home directly after, I would have seriously doggy bagged it, but because I wasn’t, it would have only ended up stinking up my car. I felt pretty bad about it though.
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