Abbaye Late Eats

Stopped by for a late dinner at the Abbaye on Friday night. It wasn’t planned. We ended up driving around and I just decided Northern Liberties was it. It was late and the place was full. We put our names in with the giant amazonian woman wearing the black dress, clearly without a bra, who clearly needed a bra. It was excruciating having to wait. And it started raining, so we couldn’t take a table outside. Eventually, some slow hipsters left, and we sat down, just as a coupla more hipsters tried to snag the table. I had to tell em to step off. Or rather, tell them that sorry, but we were on the list.

They have a menu, but also a bunch of specials on the chalkboard. We ended up getting two of the specials: pulled pork sandwich and the spinach, mango, avocado salad with shrimp. The pulled pork sandwich was surprisingly spicy. I enjoyed their skinny shoe string fries. As for the salad? Spinach, good. Mango, good. Shrimp, good. Avocado, not so good. They were clearly not ripe, and biting into a crunch avocado is not my idea of a good time.

We also had a problem with the beers. The hoegaarden on draft? Not cold. The tall boy to follow it up? Also not cold. It seems like that as a bar, the least you could do is service some ice cold beers. The food wasn’t great, the service wasn’t great, the beers were warm, and I wasn’t inspired to take any pictures. And the place is loud. I think it’s much more of a have a beer or two kind of place… if you don’t mind warm beers.

The Abbaye
637 N 3rd St
Philadelphia, PA 19123
(215) 627-6711
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Abbaye Late Eats
  1. Jessica says:

    On the contrary, I’d say that it is likely you will find a table any day/evening of the week at the Abbaye. I can’t say ever, as a local, that I’ve had to wait..then again late eats are never your best bet anywhere in town. Fewer hipsters and more locals when you get there before 10pm.
    The servers and bartenders have been there for years and give the best service regardless of thier appearance. As for the warm Hoegaarden, I believe that if it were ice cold frozen it still wouldn’t taste as great as their amazing selection of beers on tap!
    I’d say next time visit at a reasonable time and order something fried and drink at least an ale/pale ale and you’ll be experiencing what a Belgian bar with a local Philly vibe has to offer..they have great Phillies game specials too and entertainment :)

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