Ants Pants!

So the Ants Pants Cafe. Cute as a button. Tiny as a button. So easily missed if you’re not paying attention for it on the street. They even have a button-sized patio out back, but really, it’s muy petite, yo. We got seated inside right quick, in one of these two tops with totally not enough personal space in between tables. And they had all these pillows on the bench side, between the benches, so I felt like a prisoner in some sort of pillowed restaurant cave. I got rid of them and then felt much better. I think the people who run the place are Aussies. There’s Aussie paintings everywhere, and some Aussie inspired items on the menu (like vegemite).

The spinach, bacon, feta salad with grilled chicken. I kind of liked the banged up plate it came on. I was completely uninspired, because yes, sometimes, I can eat straight up boring food. I got the brekkie platter (so boring that it did not warrant a picture), which was 3 eggs, toast, and bacon. Whoo hoo! I got eggs over hard, and they came out lovely. I also got country white toast (yes, again, boring!) and this toast was great. It was a very thick and dense cut of bread. All I really wanted was some plain ol grape jelly, but they had raspberry and apricot preserves., which were awesome. I asked for a little bit of both, and doh, they charged me 85 cents for each of those. Gah! That ticked me off a little bit, but then I got over it.

The service was great. The food took an awful long time to come out though, but I can tell that’s just from each order being made to order and the food being made with love. I didn’t mind it at all. The bespectacled waiter with the bun in his hair was super nice and polite. He can feed me a boring ass egg, toast, and bacon breakfast any day of the week.
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Ants Pants!
  1. Hannah says:

    Yum, this place is right by my parents place. I love it!

  2. bhiladelphia says:

    my favorite item on the menu is actually a drink, the fresh pressed apple juice.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dude, the picture of the chalk board shows they have Tim Tams on the menu. They are yummy cookies from Australia! You gotta try them next time you go! I love Tim Tams!

    -adog :)

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