Cafe Apamate

I remember hearing great things about Cafe Apamate. Passing by it the other week, I thought to myself, oh, that’s where Cafe Apamate is! After a half-assed attempt at going to Sabrina’s or Morning Glory, I knew that we could actually go to Apamate and get a table! It’s a tapas place. The chef is venezuelan who grew up in Spain. And she’s a woman. Whoo hoo! The place is freaking adorable. Red walls, dark woods, lovely photographs on the walls. I wish my house looked like that.
Cafe con leche. Don’t ask me, I can’t do caffeine. It’s fun to look at.
The tortilla espanola, the traditional spanish omelet. It has potatoes, onions, and obviously eggs. It comes with a kick ass spicy aioli on the side. And a little side salad with strawberries and pine nuts. Everything – delicious.
The tostas con pisto, with stewed squash, eggplant, and tomatoes on toasted bread and topped with a poached egg. I don’t eat nearly enough vegetables, but surprisingly, I do like eggplant and squash, and stuff like that. I really enjoyed everything about my meal, except the pine nuts. That’s ok, I picked them out. And yes, of course I had to get the churros. Freshly fried! Whoo! With a chocolate sauce that was clearly not cheap milk chocolate. I made sure to clean this plate! Service was great, our waitress was super sweet and friendly. The food doesn’t come out super fast, but that’s ok, I was just enjoying the atmosphere there. It just feels comfortable. Plus, I was practicing balancing spoons on my nose. I’m good at it.
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