Chowder Time

When in Seattle, you have to eat chowder, right? Man, there are so many things I have to do! I am a big fan of new england clam chowder, so I wasn’t put out or anything. I did some research and Pike Place Chowder seemed like the place to check out. They have various specialty chowders, in addition to the classic. They also sell sandwiches and salads.
A went with the manhattan clam chowder in a bread bowl. Then she realized that the bread bowl is more designed for creamy chunky soups, because this chowder just seeped into the bread and all the liquid pretty much went away. She still liked it though. Their sourdough bread is pretty darn tasty.I’m a classic new england clam chowder girl, so that’s what I got. I also got a shrimp sandwich. Ok, so, the verdict? The clam chowder was good, but nothing great. I probably expected something amazing, and what I got was only good. It wasn’t even great. You know what? It wasn’t clammy enough. Or thick enough. But still good. The sandwich was only so-so as well. It had big hunks of celery which I had to pick out. Once picked out, it was ok. It had some pico de gallo stuff on it, which was totally good with me, and the roll was good too. All in all, underwhelming, but still not a bad meal. My best clam chowder moment still goes to San Francisco at one of those pier thingies. Touristy I know, and same with Pike Place Chowder, but still, it’s the truth.

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