Full Plate Dinner

I’d eaten at Full Plate Cafe for brunch before, but never for dinner. When we arrived a bit later on a Thursday night, it was pretty empty. I didn’t mind that fact at all. E went with the crab cake sandwich, served on challah roll. And you know how big of a fan I am of challah. She had no complaints. But really, that slab of lettuc and tomatoes, what the heck are you supposed to do with that? Put it on that giant sandwich? Impossible!R got the tuna melt. There was a bunch of random veggies thrown into her tuna melt, but she still liked it, she just picked them all out. It looked a little hard to eat though, the whole open-faced-ness of it all.
We also got an order of hush puppies and a side of mac and cheese. Hugh puppies were good, but it seemed like they didn’t have enough onion flavor. I really enjoyed the mac and cheese, but it was extremely cheese heavy. But I liked it anyway.
I got the pulled pork sandwich, also served on a challah roll. It had some slaw on the sandwich. This was pretty good. The meat was a bit too shredded for me, but it still tasted fine.

The service was so so. There was only one waitress and probaby only one person cooking, so everything was slow. We waited a long ass time. But once we got our food, we were pretty happy. I would imagine the service and speed of food is much better for brunch on a weekend. I think I’ll probably stick to Full Plate for non-dinner.
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