Getting Lost In Queen Anne

When we first got into Seattle, it was past lunch time, Seattle time. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, Philly time. Oye, was I hungry. Making it to the city SUCKED. We got stuck in traffic, then we got lost trying to find the hotel. Seriously lost. So somehow, we ended up in the Queen Anne neighborhood. So we thought we’d make the best of it and grab a bite. It was pretty much between lunch and dinner time, so there weren’t too many choices. We ended up at the Hilltop Ale House. It’s a cozy neighborhood pub. I guess some would call it a gastropub?
They have daily specials, and we ended up trying both.
The fish tacos of the day were mahi mahi. The taco platter comes with one taco, but you can add another taco for a bit extra. A got two tacos, but didn’t realize they would be giant tacos. She would have stuck with one.
I got a red reuben, along with the soup of the day, which was white bean and prosciutto. The soup was only so so, I could have totally done without it. The reuben was pretty darn good, and just what my empty belly needed. It was quite liquidy too. Instead of regular sauerkraut, it was red pickled cabbage instead, which I actually quite preferred. Service was good too. The waitress/bartender was totally friendly. And of course, it was rainy, so it was the perfect place to fill our bellies and to escape from the rain.
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