Ja Hut Early Birds

On a fairly lovely yet early Sunday evening, we ended up at Jamaican Jerk Hut because it was one of the first places that we walked by. The huge outdoor patio area was fairly empty since it was really early, like early bird early. The tables have umbrellas, which is a nice touch. It was strange being there so early, there were tons of people around, not eating, which may have meant that they worked there, but we weren’t so sure. It seemed like there were just people hanging out there, but not as a diner or a worker.

Onto the food! Jerk chicken platter. Strange, I know, but I’ve never personally ordered the jerk chicken here. Haha. But I have tasted it and it’s pretty good. But I’ve always loved their rice and especially the cabbage that comes as a side. It’s also a lot of food. You won’t go hungry here.
I’d gotten the ox tail stew before, so I decided to go with the mango chicken. I really enjoyed this, sweet, but not too sweet. The chicken was mostly dark meat, so it wasn’t dry at all, and had tons of flavor. And I totally shovelled in this cabbage, along with the rice which was soaking in the sauce.

Service here is weird. We got our food but hadn’t even gotten silverware yet. It was hilarious. Um, can we get some forks? And then when I paid with a credit card, she lingered and watched while I completed and signed the receipt. It was very unnerving. But as far as the food, I’ve had good experiences here. But I may had just gotten lucky those two times.

Jamaican Jerk Hut
1436 South St
Philadelphia, PA 19146
(215) 545-8644
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