What’s a visit to Pike Place without getting some treats from Piroshky Piroshky? Oh my goodness, it’s a little tiny joint filled with baked lovelies. There’s savory treats and sweet treats. You see little old ladies and grizzled dudes making everything using nothing but muscle. Everything’s handmade, of course!
We both went with sweet treats, cuz you know, we had to. A got a coffee cinnamon roll. You can’t see how big this is, but this thing is big! And awesome.
I got an apple cinnamon roll. It had tons of slices of freshly baked apple. I saw trays full of these waiting to be baked, and I had to have one. Oh so good.
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  1. Gastronomer says:

    aaaaaaw yeah! these look 100 times better than the factory-made cinnabons! but the question is, did they smell as good?

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