Random Chinese Joint

After drinking in the middle of the day, we needed some real food. We went back to the international area, mainly because we knew how to drive back there. We still didn’t really have our bearings yet. We walked round and round, and some of the places we wanted to go to were closed, so we just ended up at a random chinese restaurant called 663 Bistro. Why did we choose this place? It was packed and it was packed with chinese people. That’s got to be a good sign. Go where the natives go.
We both wanted green beans of some kind, and didn’t really find anything on the menu, except one with a heavy garlic sauce. We just asked for some green beans with a light sauce, and they totally just stir fried something up for us. They ended up really fresh and crunchy and buttery as all get out.
A got a rice noodle dish with chicken and XO sauce. It was simple and tasty. We were so hungry, we couldn’t stop eating.
When in cold and dreary Seattle, one must have some hot soup. I got a noodle soup with bbq roast pork and asked for some dumplings to be put in. The soup itself was fairly bland and flavorless, and the noodles were cold, so it wasn’t exactly hot and steaming. But the wontons were full of big hunks of shrimp and the pork was delish. And the food all came out super quick. Service was fine, nothing great.

663 Bistro
663 S Weller St
Seattle, WA 98127
(206) 667-8760
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