Seaside Lunch

Since I was so close to the ocean, I drove out to Cannon Beach, on Oregon’s coast. How did I pick this place? It was random. Portland is super close to the ocean, it only took maybe an hour and 15 minutes. Real close, I swear.
It’s one of those cute little adorable coastal towns, with cutesy shops and restaurants. Tons of artists, candy stores, etc. I stopped in Ecola Seafoods for a little lunch. Too bad the place sounds so much like killer bacteria.They sell seafood for you to take home, and also dine-in food. They even have their own tuna. I got a bowl of clam chowder and a shrimp salad. This shrimp salad was pretty sorry ass. It was bagged salad with probably defrosted baby shrimp on top. The clam chowder was much better. But still not great. I guess food doesn’t have to be that great when you just have tourists coming in and out. Hopefully their seafood to go is better. I think they actually catch their own fish. It’s cafeteria style here, so pick up your food and find a spot.

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