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So after getting some beers at Oktoberfest and roaming around at the Fremont Sunday Market, we needed some sustenance, and ended up at Blue C Sushi on the main strip. It’s a conveyor belt sushi place. And actually, the last time I ate at one of these was Brazil. And the place we used to go in Brazil was some of the best sushi I’d ever had in my life. But I didn’t have such high hopes for this joint.
One of the things I got was a lobster roll. I think it’s imitation lobster, breaded and deep fried, and then rolled up with some standard sushi fare. It was ok. I also had a fried tofu roll which was also ok. The tofu was a little too hard and chewy.
In general, all the food was mediocre, at best. I also ordered yakisoba, and they just kept not giving it to me. It doesn’t come on the conveyor, so it was a special order. The waitress kept coming by and saying did you get it yet, and I kept saying no. And I kept not getting it. And then eventually, it did end up on the conveyor, miraculously, but once I tried it, it was bad. It was cold, which was ironic, since it was on the conveyor specially placed on one of the hot stands. So terrible. So greasy. Such a waste of my time.
But luckily for this restauranat, the entire meal was salvaged by the V8 roll. Both A and I thought that everything was pretty blah, except for this amazing roll. What’s in this? Deep fried green beans, cucumber, and something that’s like a carrot, but not exactly a carrot (I forget exactly). Topped with avocado and pico de gallo, and served with a spicy sauce. Seriously folks, I should have just ordered 3 of these. And if I had to go back to this place, that’s exactly what I’d do. One of the best rolls I’ve ever had in my life.
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