Tacoma Pho

In preparation for my national park visits, I ended up staying in Tacoma. What’s in Tacoma? Not much. But it’s a pretty large city south of Seattle. They even have a sports dome. They also don’t have much in the way of food after 8 o’clock on a week day. I drove round and round, did some research on the internet, but didn’t really find anything. So I just drove around.
So this is how I ended up at Pho Tai. It had a big “grand opening” sign on it. I thought why not. The place is swanky, and much fancier than your typical pho joint. They serve typical pho place fare, pho, bun, rice plates, etc. Here’s my bowl of brisket pho. Not the best, but not terrible either. Completely mediocre. But plenty of food and really quite cheap. And I was hungry, hungry, hungry, and so I wolfed it down. The pacific northwest in September. Really, it’s pho weather. But it’s probably pho weather every day up there.

Service was friendly. The food came out fairly fast, but not as fast as places back home. I think they’re a Seattle area chain. Oh, and it’s run by Koreans. How could I tell? Some of the prices and menu items were written over by hand, and I totally saw that it’s korean handwriting. Believe me, I know. So eating at nighttime in Tacoma, it’s definitely an option.

Pho Tai Tacoma
3814 Pacific Ave
Tacoma, WA

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