Too Much Meat

There’s actually quite a number of places to eat in downtown Portland. I met up with T at Kenny & Zuke’s for lunch. It’s a jewish style deli, so you know, they make deli sandwiches with deli meat! The place is fairly new, very open, and bigger than you’d think a deli would be. It’s bright and inviting.
The deli cobb salad, with pastrami (!), chicken, avocado, tomato, egg, and of course lettuce. Seriously folks, this pastrami was so good. So tender and not super salty.To continue with the meat theme, pastrami cheese fries. Oh my word, there’s nothing healthy about this at all. Potatoes, cheese, cured meat, what’s not to like? Service was super friendly. The place was completely packed for lunch. When we asked our server exactly what pastrami was, he actually knew and was happy to tell us. If you like deli meats, this is definitely the place for you.
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