Waffles And Smoothies

I hadn’t had a sugary sweet Bonte waffle in awhile. I’ve been passing their damn stores all the time driving or walking around, and they are always closed because it isn’t the middle of the day… so I was determined to get one last weekend. It was my “healthy” breakfast. Ha! It certainly hit the spot.
After checking out an outdoor festival, we decided to go for some smoothies. We were gonna go to Reading Terminal Market, but then remembered seeing a smoothie place in Northern Liberties. It’s called Euphoria, and is part of a chain, but it was pretty nice, if not slightly weird. Nicely decorated, clean, with free wi-fi. Smoothies, bubble teas, juices. But also stuffed pretzels, weird stuffed sandwich things, and even sushi. They also have some korean cookies/crackers for sale, but they’re individual packets from within a box, and I know you’re not supposed to sell them by the packet. That’s the weird part.
There’s tables and stools and couches too. It seems like a nice place to hang out with a smoothie, surf the web, play a board game, whatever. There was only one person making smoothies so it took a long ass time. But you can make your own combo, and my passion fruit, mango, kiwi turned out tangy and delicious.

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