Baja Cantina

For my first night in LA, we decided to stay local and walk a few feet to Venice for dinner. There are many places to eat on this small stretch of Washington Blvd, and we ended up walking into Baja Cantina, a mexican joint. The place is pretty casual, with indoor and outdoor dining. We got a spot outside (but inside) far off in the corner. It was pretty cool. Looks like it’s big on happy hours too, where you get your own chips and salsa.
We got some chips and salsa and some guacamole. The chips are spicy chips, and they will deceive you. I ate one and almost freaked because there’s hidden chili powder on them. The salsa was a bit spicy as well. The guacamole with the little mini mexican flag was spot on and quite delicious. We were big fans of it.
They serve typical mexican fare… you know, tacos, fajitas, enchiladas, and the like. We both ended up getting non-typical stuff. Behold the above carne asada in a skillet. It came with rice and beans and fixins and tortillas so you could make your own little tacos. This was delicious.
I also went with a skillet, and got the muy muy mahi mahi fish tacos. That came in a tomatillo chipotle stew. Also quite delicious, with really big hunks of fish. And I was a big fan of the rice and the beans. Service was ok, nothing spectacular, but not terrible either. It was a nice first night out. The outdoor seating that seemed slightly indoors had good ambiance. It was low key and overall just quite nice. The weather has been nice too. Not hot, but not too cold either. But not exactly beach weather! Boo!
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