Jonesin For Dessert

After the comedy show taping, it was a bit cold and we were feeling peckish, so we went to get some dessert at Jones. Oh, and we had an amazing central table for the show, so I’m fairly confident that our goofy mugs will get on comedy central and the dvd. Yey!
It was pretty cold out that night, so we all got some hot chocolate. Just the plain hot chocolate, not the boozy one. It was just what we all needed. But we all wished it had lots of mini marshmallows, and not one big one. That would have made it just right.
R and I split the peanut butter cup ice cream sandwich. I dug it, even though it was cold. Props to Jones for not kicking us out. We were just sitting there gabbing and didn’t realize that the place had closed. But they just let us gab. I like that in any restaurant.
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