Legal Eating

P and I had a veritable shopping spree on saturday. Economic strife my ass. I hadn’t seen that many people at the King of Prussia mall in all my life. It was rainy out, so that didn’t help. And believe you me, they were buying. Buying like we weren’t in a recession. After literally shopping our legs off, we had to get some nourishment. When you’re at the mall, your options are either the food court or some chain restaurants. So once again, we did some more chain eating at Legal Sea Foods.

It’d been a long while since I’d been to Legal. I’d gone once before in Washington DC. I remember it being ok. I think I expected something spectacular, then I got something ok. People hype this place up a lot.
We both got some clam chowder. P liked it a lot, but I just thought it was ok. Honestly, it’s just not clammy enough. I expect it to taste like clams, and it just tasted like a runny potato chowder.
P got the mediterranean salmon. What makes it so mediterranean? For one, there’s hummus dolloped on top and orzo underneath. There’s a cucumber yogurt sauce and pita chips. Not really pita chips, but more like one layer of a pita that was toasted until crunchy. It was a sizeable chunk of salmon too. The grill marks were stunning.
I’ve been on a big scallop kick lately, so I continued it. And seriously yo, these scallops were perfect. Simply grilled to perfection, just cooked enough, and just the right number of scallops. The rice pilaf was just right to go with the scallops.

Our server was kinda hilarious. He was so into his job and so into legal sea foods. He kept going on and on about the wines they had and how sensational the pumpkin ravioli were. I couldn’t do anything but snicker behind his back. Loved the scallops, chowder was so so. If P is buying, then I am eating.

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