Sabrina’s Brunch

On this fine Columbus Day of 2008 (which just happened to be the day with the highest Dow surge ever, after its ginormous drop) we finally got to go to Sabrina’s for brunch. Every time we decide to get brunch on a weekend, we drive right past it because there’s tons of many more patient people waiting to get in. We just could never be bothered. It’s good to be free on weekdays.

Sabrina’s is a pretty darn popular place. On weekends during peak brunch time, don’t even think about it. You’ll be waiting forever. It seems to be an institution. It’s also a BYOB, serving brunch as well as dinner. They have outdoor seating, and we scored a primo spot outside. It’s surprisingly large on the inside. There are seemingly 3 separate dining areas. I had no idea how big it was on the inside. Goes to show just how popular they are.
Egg white turkey bacon fritatta. I’d never actually eaten turkey bacon before, but damn, I liked it. There was also spinch and tomato in this, and the tomato made it a bit runny. I really liked these home fries.

I went with the stuffed caramelized french toast with cream cheese and bananas. Ok, so you can’t tell in this photo, but this thing is huge. I wish you all could see this french toast in its proper scale. My jaw dropped seeing this monstrosity as soon as the server rounded the corner. It’s enough for a small family. This dish is beyond decadent. I love me some challah, and when it’s dipped and fried and stuffed and then topped with maple syrup… Damn. I barely ate the half. And I was trying very hard. As we were eating, more and more people started showing up and the place started filling up. And it was only a monday. Were it not for the waits, I would definitely come by for brunch more often.
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