Yes, I Go To Banana Leaf A Lot

During these trying economic times, it’s good to find free stuff to do. I’m good at it. Before attending a free comedy special taping at the Trocadero, we ate next door at Banana Leaf. Yes, again! I know, I’ve been here like 17 times in the past 2 weeks, but really, it is good and always convenient. I didn’t pick it either! Everybody likes it!
R got wonton soup again, and lo mein. T, our resident vegetarian, asked for a recommendation from our server. He wanted a noodle dish with vegetables. And with all the options, the server suggested pad thai. Pad thai! Are we in a thai restaurant? I found it strange. I’m not the hugest fan of pad thai, it’s too sweet for me. Which seems strange, as I love sweet foods.I went with the captains noodles, which was a wide flat rice noodle with some chicken and shrimp and veggies in a brown gravy. Nice and savory and something everyone can like. Something I noticed on my last trip to Banana Leaf – it is immensely difficult to understand what the servers there are saying. Man, I’m not sure why I didn’t notice before, but seriously, their english and their accents are just plain bad.
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