Atlanta Airport Dining

Renting a car in Mexico is not fun. It takes forever, picking it up, or dropping it off. So you best just get used to waiting in lines. Because it took us so long, by the time we got to the airport, they had to pull us out of the line so we could sneak in front of everyone to catch our flight. That’s how close we’d cut it. So we had nearly no time to eat.

We grabbed something quick and my turkey and cheese croissant ended up being ok, but R’s philly cheesesteak turned out to be atrocious. Note to you all, don’t get a philly cheesesteak at the Cancun airport. So when we got to Atlanta and had plenty of time to actually sit down and eat, we went to Chili’s. Yes, Chili’s. Here’s a not-so-secret secret. Whenever I’m at an airport and I need to eat, if there’s a Chili’s, I’ll eat there. Chips and salsa from Chili’s. Ok, it’s so not the same as when we were in mexico. The chips were thin and greasy and super salty. The salsa was runny. But we still enjoyed it nonetheless.
R’s quesadillas.
And yes dammit, I ordered me a salad. Why? Because I’d gone an entire week without eating any uncooked vegetables and my body was actually craving lettuce. And luckily, it was a giant plate of lettuce with a nice sizeable piece of chicken on top. I believe it was the southwestern cobb salad. The only bad part was that they forgot to put bacon on it and I didn’t even realize they’d forgotten until I was pretty much done. It’s a shame too, because it would have been that much better with heaps of bacon. Dang. But for my first real post-Mexico meal where I could relish in as many raw foods as I possibly could, it was perfect.

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