Intelligentsia In Silver Lake

While in Silver Lake, I took J to Intelligentsia to get his caffeine fix. I’d read about it on another food blog and it had come highly recommended. Look how cool this place is. Even though I don’t actively drink coffee (you know, my caffeine problem), I’d hang out here cuz it’s just cool. I love their logo.
It’s a company from chicago, and they buy, roast, and sell all the beans themselves, and have a handful of retail outlets where they schlock coffee to fiendish hipsters. I believe this is the only shop outside of the Chicago area. I don’t know about the coffee, but I liked that the shop was roomy. It wasn’t one of those teeny tiny places where everyone has to squish in. They must have good coffee, there was quite a line. And people kept going on and on about how it’s the best coffee they’ve ever had.
Behold a latte. I like it when they do fancy stuff with the milk, or froth, or whatever that stuff is. There were some chairs on the inside, well, more like stools. But mostly, it was open space. As with most places in california, there is decent places to sit outside. And of course, wi-fi. Sure beats starbucks any day of the week.

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Intelligentsia In Silver Lake
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    That latte design is impeccable!!

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