Mexico Grocery Shopping

Our lovely little condo has a full kitchen, so we stopped at the Chedraui in Playa Del Carmen to stock up on some groceries. Shopping in Mexico is so much fun. It’s all in spanish, first of all, and all the stuff is different. Frosted Flakes? There’s no such thing, only Zucaritas! And it’s mad cheap too. They’re ggggreat! Svelty! Ha! It’s nice to call this yogurt something that you hope it would make you. We have Wonder and Stroehmann bread, they have Bimbo bread. It’s good too. What do you put on your Bimbo bread? Well, certainly not grape jelly! In this wall full of jams, preserves, and jellies, they don’t have grape jelly. They have blueberry up the wazoo, but no grape jelly to speak of. It does not exist in mexico!

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Mexico Grocery Shopping
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