Monk’s Kettle Lunch

J was staying in the Mission and he had gotten a lamb burger the night before and wanted to go back for more. The Monk’s Kettle is a fairly new gastropub with a ginormous beer selection. They even have an $80 beer. Eek. See all the taps? They have a bunch on draft, and tons more in bottles. Yes, it was in the middle of the day, but when you’re in a beer place, sometimes you just have to give in. He’d heard about this beer the night before, so on a Friday afternoon, he ordered the Siamese Twin Ale, flavored with lemon grass and cilantro. It was a bit much for me so early, but it did go well with the food. We got an order of the fries. Oh my goodness. They were like mcdonalds fries. And you know how I feel about mcdonalds fries. You know how everyone feels about them. They were served with 3 dipping sauces which were all fantastic. I really liked the slightly spicy ketchupy one. J got the salmon sandwich. The roll it was served on was way too toasted and crunchy, which made it very difficult to eat. He eventually gave up and ended up eating it with knife and fork. And the side salad was doused with vinegar, as if they forgot the “ette” part. It was edible but bordering on ridiculous. He wish he’d gotten the lamb burger again! I wasn’t that hungry, so I decided to go light and got the baby spinach salad. It came with carmelized onions, almonds, and craisins in a light tahini dressing. It was just what the doctor ordered. Service was good, especially when we were first being served by the owner. He was super friendly and helpful. After the surly hipster girl took over, she wasn’t nearly as attentive. It got to be a bit difficult to get her attention, and there weren’t too many people around either. Also, the food took quite awhile to come out. Surprisingly long. This is why we devoured those delicious fries so quickly. But it’s a really cool place, small though, and it’s easy to see why it gets packed. For food fans and beer lovers, this seems to be a great place.
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