My Mom’s Famous Spring Rolls

So my mom’s been making these spring rolls lately, and yes, I truly believe they’re going to make her famous. There isn’t one person who’s tried them that hasn’t fallen absolutely in love with them. And how could you not love them? They’re f’in lovely. And delicious. And healthy.
Above are all the ingredients to my mom’s version. I make the much more standard vietnamese version with noodles, shrimp, cucumber, carrot, cilantro, and sprouts. Well, my mom hates cilantro so she would never make anything with those. Instead, she incorporates red, orange, and yellow bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers, avocado, spring mix, vermicelli noodles, shrimp, and imitation crab legs. They’re a sight to behold. The colors are amazing.
The worst part about making these is really getting all the innard ingredients ready. There’s just tons of julienning and slicing and dicing that has to happen. But once that’s all done, putting them together is actually a piece of cake. And you don’t really have to cook anything, other than the noodles and the shrimp.
The wrappers themselves are dry and once you either run them under hot water or soak them in hot water, they become all rubbery. You lay all the ingredients in the middle and then roll up the little suckers. It’s really as easy as that.
And voila, you have a plate full of these gorgeous handfuls of fresh, crisp, healthy goodness.
Gah, I could literally eat a dozen of these at a time. Yes, I know they’re supposed to be an appetizer, but seriously, I could make them into a meal, and any meal of the day. For whatever reason, the dipping sauce of choice for these is just straight out of the bottle sweet chili sauce with a little bit of sriracha thrown in there (however spicy you want it). When I make my regular viet version of springn rolls, I stick with the hoisin/peanut variety of sauce, but for the mom version, trust me, sweet chili sauce with the sriracha is all it needs.

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5 Responses to

My Mom’s Famous Spring Rolls
  1. K-Lo says:

    your mom is the best!

  2. Gwendolyn says:

    They look awesome!

    I just learned how to make spring rolls last week. I had no idea they were so easy! Plus the wrappers are gluten-free.

    For the dipping sauce, I used a weight watchers recipe that I discovered earlier in the year. Normally I use it with tofu stir fry, but decided to try it with the spring rolls and it was divine.

    It’s true, they may be an appetizer, but they are also great as a dinner…and for lunch the next day!

    I bought more ingredients to make them for dinner again this week and plan on making a peanut butter sauce to go with them this time.

  3. gaga says:

    What a healthy snack. It’s beautiful too!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Showed this to my mom, and now she wants to give it a try! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Olga says:

    Full of color and vitamins! Yum.

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