Ni-Mo Of San Mateo

After all the gluttony and more touring around, we needed a proper meal. A and E took us to Ni-Mo, their favorite local sushi spot in San Mateo. Is it the best sushi around? Certainly not, but it’s their favorite spot, they know the owner, Steve, and he and his wife totally made us welcome. We even got complimentary miso soup. And the soup was great! And oh, we stuffed our faces. Agedashi tofu. It’s one of my favorite dishes to get when eating sushi. It was ok here. Nothing compares to Sagami’s agedashi tofu. They’ve ruined it for me for all others. Everyone got spicy tuna hand rolls. I’m not all that into hand rolls, but these sure look mighty tasty. And huge. And when eating sushi, you must get yourself some giant ass Sapporos, no? L got the sashimi plate, and man, the sashimi was sliced mighty darn thick. Some of the thickest sashimi I’ve ever witnessed. She enjoyed this a lot. And can I just say, she uses more wasabi than anyone I’ve ever met in my entire life. It was scary just watching her. Some of the rolls we had… super california roll, dragon roll, oregon roll. All were completely delicious. And you could tell they were made with love. I especially enjoyed the oregon roll. It was a california roll with salmon on top and lemon wedges. The lemon just added a special touch that made it even better. Such a simple twist but it made it completely different and great. I got one of their special dinners because I wasn’t in too much of a roll mood. It came with chicken teriyaki and a shrimp tempura udon. Oh, and the requisite salad. Everything was good. Not great, but certainly good. And just the comfortable feel and the friendliness of the place made it that much better. Steve even did sake shots with us. Now I love Ni-Mo as much as they do.

73 E 3rd Ave
San Mateo, CA 94401
(650) 342-0288

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