No Tapas On Saturdays

For Saturday brunch/lunch, W really wanted tapas. Every time I ask her where she wants to go eat, she always says tapas. Well, this time, I was convinced to make her wish come true. So I made a reservation at Bar Ferdinand by sending an email. Mistake number one. When we got there, they were closed. Oops. So then we drove to Amada. They were closed too. So I didn’t bother trying to go to Tinto. I figured if Amada was closed then so would Tinto. So basically, what I learned is that you can’t get tapas on Saturday for brunch. Sunday, yes, but Saturday, no. Lesson learned. We were all starving after driving around and being disappointed, so we ended up at North 3rd because we’d driven past it and they had a big sign that said saturday and sunday brunch. We were sold.

I’d been to North 3rd before a couple of times to drink, but never to eat. But I’d always heard good things about the food so I was not worried. I’d always remembered their strange decor. Wouldn’t you know it, when they sat us, it was right under this giant painting of a pair of huge naked boobs. Seriously. And we were with my mom! But luckily, we all found this to be amusing. It was funny, all the ladies were facing the wall, so we had to keep constantly seeing these giant knockers, while the boys had their backs to the wall, so they couldn’t see the largest pair of painted boobs I’d ever seen in my life. Boo hoo to them.
Onto the food! Bro got the pigs in a blanket, which was breakfast sausage wrapped in a pancake. I’m not into breakfast sausage, but he’s always been into them. He also got some eggs and potatoes. We all got these potatoes and they were delicious. Cooked well, with plenty of onions and spices.
W got some kind of omelette. She said it was ok, but nothing special.
My mom got brioche french toast. She liked these a lot. She almost ate all four of these. Little lady, big appetite.
J got a breakfast special, which was 2 eggs your style, bacon, potatoes, and a side of fruit. Nothing to complain about these items.
And I went with the eggs benedict. It came with canadian bacon, and I love me some bacon from our northern neighbors. It sure wasn’t tapas, but it was certainly a fine breakfast. We were all stuffed, and it was quite painless on the wallet. The service was good too, and being the odd family that we are, we didn’t mind eating under a giant pair of boobs. It’s probably not for everyone.
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