No Window Dining At Kifune

Every time we’d go for a walk, we’d pass by Kifune. It’s a very unassuming japanese place on the corner with no windows. To me, there’s always something a little amiss about a place with absolutely no windows. As if they don’t want you to see what’s inside because it’s so horrible. Well, after passing it so many times, we had to go in. And boy, were we wrong. The place is adorable inside. It’s very traditional japanese with rice paper walls and wooden slatted everything. It’s not swanky at all, it just feels like a traditional japanese home. Most entrees come with a salad and miso soup. I found the dressing not as flavorful as I thought it would have been, considering it’s bright orange color, but it was still pretty good. I hadn’t eaten fresh vegetables in awhile, so I relished it. J go tthe hibachi kushiyaki dinner, which came with three skewers of meat, some broccoli, and a spicy tuna roll. I dug on the spicy tuna roll. The meat was good and teriyaki flavored. Unfortunately, there was some weird sauce on the broccoli that he did not care for. And it was thick and everywhere, so it was nearly impossible for him to take it off. I got the sukiyaki, and man, it was gigantic. Can you see how big the dish is as compared to the bowl of rice? Oye. It was loaded with meat, mushrooms, green stuff, and shirataki noodles. I’d never actually had shirataki noodles before. When my mom makes sukiyaki, she uses some kind of clear japanese noodle, but it’s definitely not shirataki. Shirataki is made from the konjac, which is some kind of weird vegetable. But the strange thing about shirataki is that it has no calories, no carbs, and no glutens. It’s as if it’s nothing at all. But when cooked, it takes the flavor of whatever it’s cooked in. I also got some sashimi with my dinner, and it was a surprisingly large portion of some nice and fresh fish. Oh, our waiter was super nice and polite and actually japanese. So don’t let the no window thing scare you off. Give Kifune a shot.
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No Window Dining At Kifune
  1. Su-Lin says:

    Just saw this post on your sukiyaki and it’s reminded me how delicious hotpot is! Going to have it tomorrow when the temperature is expected to go below zero!

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