Not Very Traditional Thanksgiving

My family doesn’t really do much for thanksgiving. It’s never been a big holiday for us, and we’ve never really gotten together with extended family for it. At least not for at least 15 years. This year wasn’t much different. Just my moms, bro, and sis-in-law eating well, let’s face it, a very schizophrenic thanksgiving dinner.
I told you we didn’t go traditional, but we had to have turkey. I really do like turkey a lot, so this had to be included. And heck, let’s throw in a ham while we’re at it.
In addition to other non-traditional random foods, we had kalbi and some of these shrimps that my mom had marinated with lemon and lime juice, tons of garlic, and some parsley. The only annoying thing was that she left all the shells on. Totally wished she would have peeled em. There was tons of other food too, including some delish spring rolls, but more on them later. It was so much food that when I saw the table, my immediate reaction was “who’s gonna eat all this food?” But I guess that’s what thanksgiving is all about.

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