Red Mango

On my last day in LA I did lots and lots of walking. Around 4 miles actually. And with my short stumps for legs, just think about how many steps that is! As a reward, I treated myself to some frozen yogurt.
Red Mango was the choice this time. They’re a Korean chain that made it to the US last year. They don’t seem to have as many topping options as pinkberry. I liked the store though. Clean and simple and modern, yet warm and inviting.
I never get any of the cereal or nut toppings, I’m just much more of a fan of the fruit. Their fruit selection seemed a bit limited, but I went with blackberry and mango. For a place with mango in their name, the mango was quite unripe. And being in southern california, I thought it wouldn’t be too hard to find some ripe mango. At least the blackberries were good. The yogurt itself was good. There’s something surprisingly tasty about plain frozen yogurt. I think pinkberry is still my favorite.

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