Sunday Morning Coffee

On a lazy sunday morning, we went rambling around the neighborhood. We were headed for coffee, but also happened upon the Mar Vista farmers market. I told you, on the weekend, there are farmers markets galore. People like their coffee here too, but not like the pacific northwest. With normal chains like starbucks and the coffee bean, there are still many local shops or smaller regional chains. Our ultimate destination was Venice Grind. We’d been passing by it a bunch of times and I really liked their “coffee” sign, so much that I wanted to go there.
The place had some pretty cool art, including big framed pics of celebrity mug shots. There was also lots of skateboardy type stuff. There are a bunch of little two-top tables, along with a more loungey section in the front, with big smooshy seats. But we decided to sit out back, in an adorable patio area. For whatever reason, J got an iced cappucino instead of his usual latte. It was a beautiful sunny day, so we got to enjoy the weather, and sat under a nice umbrella. There’s wi-fi here too, and we enjoyed surfin on the patio.An adorable and extremely friendly cat stopped by. She was very vocal and very friendly. How can you not love a place that even a finicky cat loves?

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