Swedish Cafeterias

My family has a mental defect. Why? Every black friday, we go shopping. We don’t do any of that doorbuster nonsense, but we do go shopping. To malls, shopping centers, that kind of nonsense.
On this black friday, we stopped by Ikea. Luckily, stuff from Ikea isn’t typically what makes for good holiday gifts, so it wasn’t very busy. Since it was lunchtime, we had to stop for a meal at their cafeteria. Moms got the shrimp sandwich and some potato soup. I’ve had the shrimp sandwich before and yes, it’s good. It’s got a freakishly large dollop of mayo, but otherwise, good stuff. The soup was also pretty good.
As for the rest of us, we all went with swedish meatballs. C’mon, we’re at freakin Ikea, we’ve gotta get the meatballs! I don’t know what it is about these that makes them so damn tasty. I just can’t help myself. They always come with lingonberry jelly. I got mine with some mac and cheese too, cuz y’know, I love me some mac and cheese. I always make myself a lingonberry juice spritzer when I’m there. Oh so good. And man, the food here is so damn cheap. And there’s no lunch prices and dinner prices. It’s just Ikea prices all the time. If I was homeless, I would totally eat here all the time.

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