Tartine Snacks

Sunday was our last day in the bay area. I headed back into San Francisco to spend the day in the big city. Before heading to Golden Gate Park, J treated me to some delicious pastries at Tartine. It’s a little corner spot and there are always lines around the corner to get some of their vittles. What’s that all about? I don’t know. But apparently, it happens all the time. Like it’s expected. And all the people are fine with it. I’m not into lines so I don’t know if I would care for that.
After waiting in this line (which ended up being not too bad), we took our snacks to Dolores Park. The croque monsieur with ham. Hubba hubba. Good stuff. And it’s made with country bread that they make daily in their brick oven. That’s a tiny little pickled carrot. It was weird, spicy, yet I was drawn to it.
Some sweeter treats: lemon cream tart and banana cream tart. Yum and yum.

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