The Ferry Building

The Ferry Building people! The Ferry Building! Need I say more? It’s like reading terminal market, on really really really fancy and expensive crack. ~SIGH~
If I lived in San Francisco and had money coming out of my ears, I’d get all my food here.
Hee hee.
They were having a fungus festival so there was tons of mushroom stuff all over the place. It’s pretty to look at, but did nothing for me because I don’t like mushrooms. I know, I’m terrible.
Recchiuti Confections. They gave out hot chocolate samples, and we could not resist.
A bought some bread from the Acme Bread Company. Oh my lord, she got this onion loaf, and it was the best bread I’ve ever eaten in my life. Seriously. I could eat a loaf all by myself, and have it be all I eat that day. Best. Bread. Ever.

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The Ferry Building
  1. John P says:

    Hahaha. I lived in San Francisco for like 8 years, and spent a lot of time there. There is actually a good farmers market Saturdays (perhaps wednesdays too, I forget) just a few blocks up at UN square (7th and market I think) if you are still there.

    Oooo, if you like dancing at all, you should go clubbing in the Mission district. There is a lady there who takes a radio flyer wagon around at like 1am full of homemade tamalies! They are to die for, and one of the things that I miss most about SF. Hahaha she has a page on yelp!

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